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Tamales And Point Arguello

Tamales And Point Arguello

To Cpl Sadowski’s recent post on Dave Schual passing. Sorry to hear that our numbers are slowly reporting in for their last duty station. The good Lord will take care of him standing post similar to Surf Gate on a foggy lonely post no bigger than a phone booth.

Our first duty station was Marine Barracks, Point Arguello, and it was a short lived barracks from around 1958 to 1964, where many of us boot recruits received our introduction to the Marine Corps. It also was a haven for old stalwarts who taught us on how to tailor our tropical uniforms, spit and polish leather gear, hand waxing and buffing the tile floor, and how to stretch our covers giving the sea going dip on our frame caps. Most of us only spent 18 Months there before shipping out to First Mar Div, Camp Pendleton, CA.

Talking to Fred Briuer, he said that you stopped by his mother-in-law’s house on liberty once to eat tamales in LA. Fred retired from the Corps of Engineers and living in Mississippi. Others I remember were PFC March, Bill Kirchoff, Coffee, Dolan, Dillard, Monday, Hadel, and Staff Sergeant Meeks was our section Staff NCO. Private Hadel was the only four year private that I know of.

Fond memories of the Point; living, dinning, medical on Vandenberg Air Force Base and how one could not remember our beer bust at the Sudden Ranch.

God, Country, Corps: Semper Fi.

Herb Brewer

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Bob - July 11, 2020

Twenty one years and still a L/Cpl?

Roy McKee - July 11, 2020

Just returning from Udorn Tialand in ’63, next duty station Marine Barracks, Point Arguello, Calif., I was there
until the closing, 1984! Great duty station! Then off to Camp Pendleton. L/Cpl. R.D.McKee

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