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On June 1, 2014 the USMC lost a buddy, Brigadier General Jim Hall, USAF [Ret.]. He crewed on Twentieth Air Force B-29’s during WWII, on missions over Japan. In March 1945 he crash-landed on Central Field, the Iwo Jima Emergency Airfield, aboard one of the first aircraft to use it. He never missed a chance to speak of his debt to the Marines, living and dead, who secured Iwo Jima. He took every opportunity to personally thank the Iwo Jima veterans for saving his life (and the lives of his fellow airmen). He served 3 wars, in combat: WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Among his many decorations and awards, he wore silver Parachutist Wings. He originated the television series “Ripcord.” He tested man-rated parachute systems for the USAF. He created the “Buddy System” and the “4-line cut.” He designed and filmed the survival instruction film: “Passport to Safety.” Jim always repaid his debts; he saved countless lives. Semper Fidelis, General Hall!
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