TAPS For Sgt George Peto Jr

TAPS For Sgt George Peto Jr

Last evening Dad passed away peacefully at home after attending 4th of july fireworks and a party with his friends. A funeral is being planned for early next week.

See his biography at:
Sgt George Peto Jr., 3/1/1, Pacific Theater, WWII

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  • Robin

    See you Sgt Peto. I’ll be there with you someday ( if I’ve earned the duty ). Semper Fi, Brother

  • l tokach Former S/Sgt. USMC

    R.I.P. Sgt.until we meet again. ( SEMPER-FI )

  • Mike Nelson Sgt USMC 3rd MAW 1971-1975

    May you guard our barracks in heaven, till the rest of us greet you in person. Semper Fi

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