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Tattoos – Poem

James G. "Sam" Gossage

The tattoo, the tattoo. Should it be hidden, or seen?
Does it really make a difference,
to a U.S. MARINE?

There are those people who talk and stare.
Do we need to answer, should we need to care?

Walked the Long Beach Pike a long time ago.
Drank neer-beer, and saw a burlesque show.
Decided that a tattoo parlor is where i had to go.
I was just seventeen, and that was a long time ago.

A dog in a hat with U.S.M.C. The HOOK, BALL, AND BIRD, was that for me?
An eagle with talons, to be on my chest.
I just couldn"t decide which one was best.

Elmer Fudd with shotgun, that would be for me.
With a caption in words, for the whole world to see.

For all those people who talk and stare. Pulling down my pants has become an affair.
Well, its become quite a habit.
To show them Elmer Fudd saying,
"come out of there wabbit".

James G. "Sam' Gossage, Sgt. Major, U.S.M.C. Ret.

Thank you for using my note concerning one of my experiences in the last news-letter. I was proud that someone would take interest.



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