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Thank you to Marine Mom B Lee

Thank you to Marine Mom B Lee

Here is a story from a Mom of a deployed Marine. We have lived in Houston for 20 years and never been to a professional football game. My husband was given a couple of tickets to the Texans football game and we were very excited.

We sat thru the first quarter then the second quarter and I just could not wait to refill my Dr. Pepper. As I stood up and started to walk away, there they were, all dressed up and marching on the field. The announcer proudly announced ?THE MARINE CORP SILENT DRILL TEAM FROM WASHINGTON DC.? After the long applause, the stadium was extremely quiet. The only sound you could hear was the movements of the team. I stopped and almost cried to see these men on the field. I thought about my son so far away and how these men have given up their families to be here completing their missions.

After the performance, I was all talk. I must have asked my husband ten times ?did you see that?? and ?wasn?t that the best performance ever?? I just could not watch the game any longer. I so wanted to meet these men to say thank you for the best performance that I have ever seen. My husband then asked an employee if it was possible to see the Marines that performed at half time. My husband was given the information and off we went. I just knew that I would not be able to meet them and tell them thank you. I was worried that I would never get this opportunity.

I located the Marines sitting in the stands. I walked up to one of them and asked if he would mind taking a photo with me. To my surprise he said yes and asked if he could bring a couple of his guys with him. OH MY!!! I was so happy! I told them that my son was deployed and found out that they too were far from home. My husband took three photos of me with the Marines and to this day, I have not stopped talking about my experience. I got three of the best hugs a mom could ask for. The only hug that could have been better would have been from my son. I felt so relived and one step closer to my deployed son. It was truly a wonderful experience for me and my husband to hear them say my son was going to be okay.

Please tell your son for me that without this experience, I would sit and worry another day about my son so far away. Without these Marines, I would not have had this experience that will last a lifetime. These Marines not only gave me peace, a loving hug and reassurance that my son is in good hands, but their honor courage and commitment gave me the courage to relax and sleep a little better.

Proud Marine Mom, Virginia
of Lcpl Justin

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