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Thankful for Marines

Thankful for Marines

This is an emotional time for me.Thanksgiving is a time when we think of Home. I can’t tell you how many Combat Vets I’ve enrolled in the VA Health Care System. I have a a heartfelt desire to continue to serve, that’s why I serve as a Credentialed Health Benefits Advisor at the VA San Diego Healthe Care System. I am still as motivated as I was a young Doc like I was. I prepared & trained hard & maintaied Marine Corps PT & proficiency standards as a SAR Doc, & FMF Doc. Hell, I wish I could go in place of your sons or daughters.

There are only TWO Great distinctions on this planet;
U.S. Marines & the Navy Corpsmen who have the privelege to serve them.
Welcome Home HMM 161 & HMLA 369.

Semper Fi.
God Bless The Corps.
Doc In the Kilt…Out!

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