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Thanking The Marine Corps

Thanking The Marine Corps

"Thank You for Your Service". I hear this frequently, because I carry the Eagle, Globe and Anchor wherever I go. It is proudly displayed on my trucks state license plate, on the flag pole in my front yard, on my cover that never leaves my head, on my shirt for all to see, on the wall in my office to remind me of the sacrifices that I made. I do not display these to garner respect. I display these because I earned them and thus I show the respect the emblem deserves. The eagle represents the proud nation we defend. The globe represents our worldwide responsibility. The anchor points to the Marine Corps' naval heritage. Together, the eagle, globe and anchor symbolize our commitment to defend our nation—in the air, on land and at sea. I do not boast nor is it my intent in wearing the badge to obtain a pat on the back or an 'Ata Boy'. It's my way of thanking the United States Marine Corps.

T. E. Kinsey
Sgt of Marines
'68 – '70​

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