That Poem

That Poem

That poem, “The Night They Gunned Down Santa Claus” came down from 1stMarDiv, FMF in Chu Lai in 1966. I have one of the copies which were passed around. We joked that somebody at Division had way too much time on his hands, but we enjoyed it. At the time, India, 3/5 was on “Red Hill”, roughly southwest of Tam Ky providing security for the Battalion and the village of Long Phu (Two).

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  • Mike Betts

    A couple of Christmas carols sung “Marine-style” by us of the 5th Communications Battalion in South Vietnam in 1966: “You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is – DEAD”. And “Jingle bells, mortar shells, VC in the grass. Take your Merry Christmas tree and shove it up your (you can probably figure out how that ends.)”

  • Bill McWhorter

    Good writing, the rhyme & meter are great & the author is a real wordsmith. At the very least, he could be earning a decent living at Hallmark (of course, for all I know, he may be making a better living doing something else). Not bad for a grunt though, eh? Oo-rah

  • CThomas 68/72

    You may find the poem here;

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