That Reminds Me of a Story about Capt. Darling

Stop me if you heard this one before, I was with Golf Co., 2Bn. 5th. Marines out of An Hoa. We were resupplied in the field with fresh water that came in BIG WHITE JUGS that would glow at night. I S—T you not! They could be seen for miles and miles at night. We had to take turns humping the things because they were so bright during night movements. Then, the C.O. (Lt.) gets his orders for flight training and leaves the bush. His replacement was Cpt. Darling and there was a lot of talk about him being a Grunt Officer. One of the changes he ordered is no more resupply of fresh water—which tasted bad anyways. He explained that we would get our water from the wells and so forth in the bush and for the most part we did. The few times during the summer that we could not find a water source; we learned something about ourselves and what we were willing to do to deal with our thirst. Yes, we drank some very disgusting water and it’s true some of us got some strange affects from the water but we never had to carry a target on our backs. Which was a fair trade as far as we were concern—Cpt. Darling never took unnecessary risk with our lives and that was “o.k. in my book” if you know what I mean…..Semper Fi Marines!!
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