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The American Dream

Because WE are Americans
Written by Keith Partney

To be enriched by the passion of Glory
To bear true faith and allegiance to the same
To be entitled to a Declaration of Independence
Of all wealth and cause for Freedom
To thank the lucky stars to be living in a Free Land
Because the flag stands for Freedom and that will never be taken away
Pride of an American Dream
To be known that your Free and to have that Freedom mean something
And to not forget the men and women who gave their lives for your tomorrow
To stand up for your Country and defend the Red, White, and Blue
To a blessed land of knowing boundaries
Unit, Corps, God, Country—-the true meaning
Untouchable Freedom that time has weathered its source
Bearing the knowledge from brother to brother
To achieve the best of all worlds
To introduce new life and the meaning there of
To Conquer and to not be Conquered
Understanding wealth,health,and happiness
On the road to many horizons
Riding the Eagle home to Glory
Raining in on those that take the long way
The meaning of a dollar earned
One Nation for which it stands under One God
Sea to sea and ashes to earth
Glory be the name almighty and true
Watering wonders of undetectable growth
To have, to hold, till death you do apart
Marriage of sorts from birth to new birth
Reincarnation the passion of Glory

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