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The American Dream . . . A Rolling Tribute Admin |

The American Dream . . . A Rolling Tribute

Hi Sgt Grit. thanks for the extra stickers the guys at the VA Hospital send their thanks also.

I too am doing my part in a small way to remember those who came home and those who didn’t. I am also sending a message of patriotism to those who have forgot. I am doing this through the murals on my Custom 97 Ford Truck Called “American Dream”. My truck is being made into a Rolling Tribute to all my brother veterans. It is also a tribute to our Great Flag. On the hood of the truck is a Bald eagle crashing through the hood and the Flag and in between his wings is 2 soldiers one of which is helping the other up into heaven.

In the Eagles’ eye is the POW/MIA Symbol. The red and white colors of the flag on the hood drape down to turn into flames along the sides of the truck. On the Tailgate is another eagle coming through the flag like he means business with the caption below “THIS FLAG WON’T BURN”!!. there are also ghost soldiers who stand guard with their weapons drawn to show I mean business. On each side widow is a different mural, one with and eagles head and a flag background with the caption “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”!!. On the other side a different eagle and flag background and the caption reads “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE U.S.A.”. Soon the toneau cover will have the most moving part emotionally that is. It will have a picture of the Wall of Remembrance in D.C. and a special tribute mural for our MIAs and POWs (this part is very special and is very moving emotionally. Anyway here are some photos I thought I’d share with you and anyone you wish to share them with. Updated ones will follow if you want them. It is only my humble way of showing I will not forget.

Sincerely and Semper Fi,

Sgt. Donald Yoder,
Roseburg, Oregon
Vietnam 65-66/68/69 3rd MarDiv/9th Mar Reg.

I have heart disease and want to finish the truck before I die, this is my goal now, wish me luck

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