The Battle of Alcatraz Begins (1946)

The Battle of Alcatraz Begins (1946)

In Sept.67 I was coming of active duty, a gunny who was finishing his career, was involved in this operation. His unit had returned from WESTPAC. He said they opened up with a 3.5 Rocket launcher blew the doors off, and sent in the BAR men they emptied a few magazines all became silent immediately? This is the first time I have heard anything about since ’67.

The Battle of Alcatraz Begins (1946):
The Battle of Alcatraz followed an escape attempt from Alcatraz Island’s federal penitentiary by six inmates who got stuck inside a cell house after failing to secure a key to the prison yard. Trapped, the inmates took the guards prisoner and took control of the cell house. The US Marines were called in, and two guards and three inmates died in the ensuing confrontation. Two inmates were later executed for their role in the incident. How long was it before the next attempted escape from Alcatraz? More… Discuss

Tommy Curran

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