The Beer Run

By: Sidney Crews

This incident took place after an all-nighter around the spring of “68” We had set in around a small bridge north east of the village of Dia Loc and hill 37 about 20 miles southwest of Da Nang. We stayed there for a couple of hours then started trekking through the rice paddles heading south. Around daybreak we headed back toward the road we started from a little east of the bridge so we could meet up with some trucks to take us back to the hill. We had some time on our hands so we found some shade and set in. Now the road was built up about 15 to 20 ft with a nice little embankment on the side. If you weren’t right on the side of the road you couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see the top of the road. There was a little traffic but not much Now these roads are not paved and can be quite bumpy. A vehicle was approaching and as it went by I heard a thumping sound followed abruptly by a crashing sound. You could hear a noise that sounded like air spewing out of something. There was about eight to ten of us down on the embankment and we were pretty tired so nobody jumped up to see what was going on. I heard the vehicle coming to a stop. So I crawled up to the top and it was like a “Holy S**t” moment. There in the middle of the road were about 6 cases of beer. A couple of cases had broken open and a few cans were spinning around spewing beer all over. The rest remained intact. I gave a yell about this time and the rest of the Marines start to see what’s going on and it’s a mad dash for the golden brew. The vehicle that had lost its cargo (a mighty mite jeep with a trailer) had stopped about 30 meters down the road and a second lieutenant had jumped out. What’s funny about this is he started yelling for us to stand down and started to take his 45 out of his holster. I’ve often wondered what in the hell he was thinking. Here he is looking at some pretty crazed Marines who haven’t enjoyed a beer in quite some time, and we’re armed to the teeth. The driver yelled something to the second lieutenant causing him to stop and get back into the jeep. After he got back in the jeep hauled a** and drove off. Of course the beer is warm but who cares it was a nice day.

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • Harry

    Ah … Tiger piss…

  • Robert

    I remember those days !

  • Gary B. Sprinkle C/1/5/1 66-67 Radioman

    Hill 54, Chu Lai, 1966-67 Plt Commander’s radio operator
    We also had Bier 33 which tasted like formaldehyde!

  • Hank Brightwell

    We, being American, like our cold beer. At Con Thien we would put the beer cans (when we got any beer) in a can of diesel fuel and bury it. That got it cold. Or for a quick cool-down, use the Fire extinguisher. Only problem with that was when the extinguisher was needed, after getting hit with RPG’s (I was in tanks), the extinguisher was empty (ask me how I know). Ahh, the stories.



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