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The Bomb Dump

The Bomb Dump

Sgt. Grit, My name is Sgt Dove, KA 0311 71-78 (Rose Garden 72-73). I would have never thought all this being possible sitting up in my tower at the Bomb Dump some 36 years later. What America has done is just mind blowing, being able to connect with long lost brothers who were close friends at one time and now reunited again. I have had the pleasure of having 3 old buddies come into my life again via your page, the Nam Phong roster and one other web page.

Since being part of Sgt Grits news letters, I have relived some of the fondest memories I can think of. Bob Hope, being scared shi*less, standing in monsoon rains where you can not see 10 feet ahead, and then breaking out the soap to do the body wash in a hurry. Dodging all kinds of vipers, which were plentiful. C-Rats, bush bunnies and you can name it.

Thank you for having the courage to come up with your business, which had more than one motive in mind I am sure of. I hope that you continue to bring us Marines together, one day at a time.

God Bless you and your family and have a Happy New Year,
Semper Fi,
Sgt Ken Dove

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