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This may not be as interesting as most news letters, but I thought that I would share my fascination of the biography of Gen. Krulak and his adventures in our Corps. It was written by Robert Coram, copyright 2010. It is the story of his life and the foresighted developments of the amphibious and helicopter methods of landing troops that

he pushed the Navy and Corps to adapt. It particularly highlights his personal effort, backed by his superiors, to thwart the efforts of previous administrations and brother services to abolish the U.S. MARINE CORPS. It also reviews the reasons for the jealous attitude held by the Army, starting at least in WW One. The preservation of the Corps requires in my opinion, a careful observation of what takes place in Washington by those of us who care, and lend support to those politicians who may defend and support the Corps. This should be required reading for all MARINES.

Order a copy of Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak, U.S. Marine

Semper Fi,
Jim Black
’51 – ’54


I had the honor of being in the “Honor Platoon” at MCRD in 1961 that stood inspection in welcoming B.Gen Masters visit to MCRD San Diego on behalf of Gen. Krulak the base commander. First and only time I’d ever been inspected by two General Officers. In 1963 I did have the honor of clearing the Commandant’s aircraft for takeoff at USMCAS Yuma.


While in Boot Camp in Oct 1961, leaving chapel services I accidently stepped on General Kulaks’ shoe. He said “Don’t worry about it Son”, that wasn’t what my Drill Instructor said to me later in the day.


I Was gen. Krulak Driver At MCRD San Diego Back In Earley 1965.What A great Marine.

Glen Roy Perales,

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