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The Chosen Frozen and the Chosin Reservoir

The Chosen Frozen and the Chosin Reservoir

By: Nick Hayes

I just came from spending an hour visiting with one of the “Frozen Chosen” who was with Chesty at the Chosin Reservoir. This Marine was a Staff NCO, and both he and his wife knew the General personally.  All Marines know about General Puller and many of the stories about him.  Certainly one of the most remarkable, is about the Chosin Reservoir.  If you’ve never heard of it, your knowledge of American History is sorely lacking.  On 1, Nov. at 9:00 pm eastern time, PBS will be airing a special about the incredible history of the Chosin and the Frozen Chosen. Under incredible hardships and unbelievable odds, Chesty and Men of the First Marine Division accomplished the impossible. When Marines think of the Chosin, they remember the saying “the difficult we do immediately, the impossible may take a while”. If you enjoy the PBS presentation, you will want to search John Wayne for a presentation which he did about his relationship with Chesty. The Duke as well as John Ford recount their memories and experiences of and with Chesty. This man is the reason you have heard the saying that when Marines lay down to rest, their last thoughts are God Bless America, and good night Chesty wherever you are.

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Rich Townsend, L/CPL 189**** - June 20, 2020

Having the privilege to have met “Chesty”, I can say that he was a very remarkable person. But then, who in hell doesn’t know that!

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