The Christmas Platoon

The Christmas Platoon

I have written a book called “The Christmas Platoon”. Available at Amazon, it is the true story of Platoon 1133 which was formed at San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot just before Christmas 1971. I was 4th Squad Leader and having grown up on a dairy farm in Southwest Oklahoma, even boot camp was like a vacation from milking 100 head of dairy cows twice a day and feeding and herding them. This book offers humorous descriptions of what many civilians will no doubt see as outrageous events and psychological explanations of how Marine boot camp training historically has so thoroughly molded Marines for life! Marines will laugh out loud as they read it and civilians may gasp and shake their heads, but that is no surprise for Marines! I am Bruce C. Fisher and was trained at Quantico as a computer operator back when they were the size of a refrigerator. The first one was an IBM 1401 with a whopping 17K RAM.
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  • Bruce Fisher

    Yes, Sgt. Jones.
    They didn’t look like what you see at What-a-Burger today but the DI’s did not fill our drink glasses for us.
    I remember we could get ice, water, milk and I think there was at least one carbonated beverage. I specifically remember being warned by DI’s that carbonated beverages might not work so well if we did something like the 3-mile run right after a meal.
    And I remember the DI’s yelling at the “Pig Farm” recruits not to get anything but water!
    I remember there were three or maybe four arms/handles you lifted with your wrist as you held your glass under the fill-tube.
    Thanks for buying my book.
    Just remember, it’s like everything else in this old world, “Ain’t nothing perfect!”
    Except God and his Son!!!

  • Sgt. C. Jones

    I bought the book. It talked about soda fountains in boot camp. Are you kidding me?

  • Mike Kruger Sgt

    I joined the Corps in March ‘69. After boot camp in San Diego (platoon 3059), I went to Quantico CSS. I was sent to DSSA in Kansas City and stayed until I got out in ‘73. I really lucked out since KC was my home town. Joined the Marine Corps to see the world and go to Nam, who would have thought. We had IBM mod 40’s and mod 65’s with reel to reel tapes and punch cards. Worked nights and made E-5 in 3 years, what a time. Got offered $8200 to reup for 6 years, NO- THANKS!

  • Jim Barber

    Bruce, I have written a similar book titled “SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps!.” It differs in that it has more than 90 first person accounts by Marines from all over the country about very funny experiences they had during boot camp. It was so much fun collecting these accounts from these old jarheads that I’m now in the process of trying to collect more. If you have an especially funny story you’d like to share let me know at http://www.bootcampstories2@gmail. I attribute all stories to the contributor and include his date of enlistment, platoon number, duty station (MCRDSD or MCRDPI) and boot camp blues picture if available. Semper Fi, Jim Barber, Plt. 324, March 6, 1958, MCRDSD.

  • Tommy Taylor

    My Dad 1Sgt Claude Taylor arrived at San Diego marine recruit depot around 12/20/54. His Drill instructor was sgt potet,was an Indian,maybe Navajo. Told them they had to be scumbags,no one else would show up at Christmas time. This was the Start his 20 year Marine Corps service!!

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