The Christmas Platoon

The Christmas Platoon

I have written a book called “The Christmas Platoon”. Available at Amazon, it is the true story of Platoon 1133 which was formed at San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot just before Christmas 1971. I was 4th Squad Leader and having grown up on a dairy farm in Southwest Oklahoma, even boot camp was like a vacation from milking 100 head of dairy cows twice a day and feeding and herding them. This book offers humorous descriptions of what many civilians will no doubt see as outrageous events and psychological explanations of how Marine boot camp training historically has so thoroughly molded Marines for life! Marines will laugh out loud as they read it and civilians may gasp and shake their heads, but that is no surprise for Marines! I am Bruce C. Fisher and was trained at Quantico as a computer operator back when they were the size of a refrigerator. The first one was an IBM 1401 with a whopping 17K RAM.
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