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The Emblem

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Thank you for your interest in my emblem. I have always been gung ho for The Corps with clothes, covers, flags and all. I know that I am Marine all the way. My wife and I went on vacation and a friend was going to redo my sunroom floor. Well he got together with my wife about my service and decided to do this to surprise me. Wonderful surprise. It's not painted. He used colored cement and did a beautiful job. I was in Vietnam in '66/'67 and received two Purple Hearts, and on good days I get things done and on bad days I am 100% disabled. I thank God that I am in as good a shape as I am. God, Country, Corps! With PTSD I really put my wife thru h-ll but she loves me and saw me thru it for 46 years. God could not have given me a better wife. It took 40 years to get the VA to accept a claim and then they only went back to my last claim submission. Forget about the last 40 years of pain and Drs. and confusion. But as I said, God gave me my wife who has kept me up and going. Thru it all we have adapted and overcame. Semper Fi.

Gary Robison USMC

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I entered the Marine Corps in late 1966,I was with 2/9/3rdMarDiv,I was wounded on the morning of July 5th 1967.I was only In country 28 dayd,and was severley wounded,I didn’t have enough time to remember anyones name I was stationed with while there,this has bothered me all these years,I was 7 miles from the DMZ when I was wounded and I believe it was operation cimmerron,I am still in fair shape considering i’m 100%disabled as of 2014.I was then stationed aboard the USS Proteus on Guam from 1968-1969/I got out of the Corps with an honorable discharge in April of 1970 I was discharged from Great Lakes Navel station.I feel bad for remembering so little about my time in Vietnam,but from the time I got there till the time I was med evact out we never rested.Thank God for all who served. L/CPL Lynn B Webster 1966-1970 SEMPER FI.

Lynn B Webster,

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