THE Family

THE Family

Hey Sarge,
I find that the more I decorate my rides with USMC regalia the more Marines I gather into the family of the Marine Corps League.

Having served in SE Asia for three years with HQMC and some very interesting alphabet organizations during 1960-61-62, I find that family matters and in this case, THE Family is the Corps.

My “Troop Transport” Diesel Ford Excursion and my two-wheeled ride, a Honda Valkyrie, are decorated like a couple of mobile USMC recruiting stations, including the license plate on the bike (photo attached).

In our MCL detachment, we have, more times than not, overspent our wallets at the Sgt. Grit store and often quote some of the items from your newsletter in our monthly “News From The Front” detachment newsletter.

One of our members, John Link, aged 91, and a member of the “Class of ’34”, is still active within our detachment and still fits into the uniform that he wore when he was discharged.

(photo attached – John [2nd from right] with Sgt. Zachary Fincannon (r), as they were receiving their slices of the Marine Corps Ball cake.) Thanks for keeping the “family” together.

Semper Fi
Mike Mooney
Cpl. E-4 (MOS 2571)
Judge Advocate
Detachment 1163
Hickory, N.C.

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