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The Fourth Marines in Shanghai, China


While Shanghai is rapidly changing with old buildings giving way to new buildings, there are still many places remaining related to the Fourth Marine regiment's long presence in the city from 1927 to 1941. The 1st and 3rd Battalions of the regiment were deployed to Shanghai in 1927 to protect American citizens and property in Shanghai's International Settlement (the "Settlement") on the Puxi or west side of the Huangpu River (then called the Whampoo River). The 2nd Battalion was deployed to Tientsin, China at the same time and redesignated into another regiment. The 2nd Battalion of the Fourth Marines was reactivated in Shanghai on September 18, 1932 in order for the regiment to be at full strength to effectively defend the U.S. defense sector of the Settlement. The 3rd Battalion was deactivated in Shanghai on December 19, 1934.

The purpose of this paper is to identify places in Shanghai associated with the Fourth Marines and the current status of those locations. I hope this paper will encourage others to provide additional information, comments and corrections so this part of the regiment's history can be recorded. This version of the paper is footnoted and there is a list of maps and other sources at the end of the paper. I was able to walk through the areas where the Marines lived, worked and played during my visits in 2007.

Read more of the paper… Version 7 / Version 6 

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Mrs B Smith - August 4, 2023

Since my family and I lived in SHANGHAI during the UNDECLARED WAR
where my mother requested assistance from the Marine Base there and was told by the officer in charge that they could not enter our area since the
4th Marines were only stationed in French Town, the Shanghai Volunteers came to the rescue of my Mother, Brother and myself, both US citizens, eventually upon finding passage on a ship where we dive bombed and aircraft strafing occured.

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