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The Gunny Gives Nothing But 110%

The Gunny Gives Nothing But 110% Admin |

If anyone knew or knows my fiance, they know to tread lightly and speak openly and honestly. His 2 tours in the Marines as a DI Instructor will have you speaking the truth within 5 seconds of even attempting to speak sideways (trust me I've tried and it doesn't work… LOL). Look at those eyes… he has been trained with the best of the best and gives nothing but 110% of himself in whatever he does… he does it to perfection! I'm not in the military, but he's taught me some great values and how to distinguish them within a person, and I can spot a Marine a mile away.

They walk with dignity, well put together and sharp, on-time, professional, and most of all… they love & honor their country and brotherhood. I just wanted him to know how proud I am of him and how much I value what he has done for the young Marines he's trained. The years he's served to protect our family and this country, and how he is loved so very much each and every day for staying true to what he will die breathing… Semper Fi (Always Faithful)!

Happy Birthday GySgt Prentiss! You are the Few, the Proud, a MARINE!


GySgt Prentiss (1985 – 2005) – Drill Instructor in San Diego, CA both tours. 

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