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The Hardest Job

Sgt. Grit,

I noticed that you have posted a few poems about Marines and Marine familys i wrote this before basic and never showed it to my mother i would greatly apreciate it if it was posted thank you.

Cpl. Lasse Larsen

The Hardest Job
by Cpl Lasse Larsen

This is mom her job is the toughest in the world.
She is a millitary mother.
Everyday she is strong.
She waits for her boy who may not come home.
Her job is to be strong when I call home.
Cuz its mom that I called when I was scared.
Mom that was there when I broke my arm.
She taught me how to be a man.
How to hold my wife and raise my girls.
To hold my head high.
To love my country and never back down.
She taught me its OK to cry to the pledge.
She is my mom and I do this for her.
For I have learned what mom really means.
Its Mother Of Marine.
SEMPER-FI!! To my M.O.M.

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