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The Hat From Hell

The Hat From Hell

He was a North Vietnamese Regular. HE CAME FAST AND FURIOUS. HE HAD SKILLS. MAD SKILLS. I Had ” THE HAT FROM HELL” . I’m here to tell the story because that HAT, RAN, PUSHED, SCREAMED. ADJUSTED AND YES MAN HANDELED BOYS, NERVOUS TERRIFIED BOYS WHO WERE GOING OFF TO WAR. Unknown to us at the time he had Two Silver Stars And a Bronze , Purple Heart. He would sneak around at night and choke you till you couldn’t breathe ” Because That’s when they will come” THE HAT FROM HELL”
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Terry - April 7, 2020

I must have missed something here. Hat From Hell? WTF?… Over.

Stan Dickerson - April 7, 2020

In reply to Terry.
He was one of our Jr. DI’s Had a Heavy Latin accent ” I Gone Kill one of Jew Mudda Puckers an No Baady Gon Kaar” He Punched a Turd one day and another two squads over fainted Cuz he thought he was next Cuxpz he was ALWAYS on his hit list. He was a Mean little Fuck. But in a way a FAIR MAN. School circle was always about staying alive and not doing ” Dumb , Silly , Shit”. So we Called him the Hat from Hell .. He Would sneak around and choke you at night and say ” They come at night” Be alert at night” . Pugil Sticks.”He said ” He’s in your hole fight for your life” ..Well He was in my hole…I Had The ” Hat From Hell”

Sgt A.J.Manos - April 7, 2020

In reply to Terry.
For a second,I thought you were in my platoon,307.when you mentioned being strangled in the middle of the night,The big difference is my D.I.was a Viet Vet but had not been decorated.Only one of them had the Combat Action Ribbon.Sgt J.I.Justice was w/the 9th Marines and had earned that ribbon many times.

Stan Dickerson - April 7, 2020

It Was Plt 3044. They Pulled Him. He Had An ” Incident ” one night with a TURD and it went up the flagpole and they replaced him with a Ssgt Named Childers. Who I saw in Danang in Whites he was in Food Service after his Tour. I went to Charlie 1/5. Shit didn’t was 67 ..No ” Political Correct Bull” Back Then . After Nam SecNav Security Platoon at The Hague Netherlands and Then MP’s Pendleton.

Doug Lennon - April 7, 2020

What’s this nut talking about since when did NVAs get American medals?

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