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The Hugs Project

The Hugs Project

Our “mission” is to place a “hug” (cooling necktie) around the neck of every American living in the Middle East. We want every deployed military person to know that we love and support them in their mission to provide freedom to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.

WE NEED MORE HELP. Hugs will be a needed item this winter as well because the temperatures will be dropping down into the low 30’s soon and these things can be gently heated by microwave or hot water, and when placed into a Ziploc bag, they become a reusable hand/pocket warmer.

If you would like to be a part of “The ‘Hugs’ Project”, send an Email to: They need the cooling ties/hand warmers right now but they especially need to know that they have the love and support of the ordinary American citizen so we have to get them there as quickly as possible. We CAN make a difference…one “hug” at a time. Please do what you can to help some of America’s finest young men and women.


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