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The Lone Rifleman

The Lone Rifleman
by Daniel Snuffer

You may have a lot of evil, boiling in your soul.
You may seek the lives of others, and your evil take it’s toll.
You may answer freedoms call with death, to those that seek its truth.
You may desire the hounds of hell; devour all who love true peace.
You may seek to hide your victim’s ashes, in the earth or desert sand.
You may seek to rule over innocent, peace loving peoples land.

But alas you hear this message, and you should hear it very clear.
For no matter what evil you do, be it far or very near.
God will bring a retribution, which will make you pale with fear.
You will not go quietly, heavens thunder you’ll soon hear.

I’ve been called by many names; each one should make you fear.
I’m the last thing you’ll see, before your death draws near.
I am the lone rifleman, best shot the world has ever seen.
I am the world’s greatest weapon, and the best that’s ever been.
For you see that your evil doing, it has not gone unseen.
I’ll mail you to hell in a body bag, postage paid by this Marine.


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