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The Marine by James Brady Admin |

Reviewed by Joseph W. Lugo

Once again Mr. Brady comes through in the tradition of Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone.

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor for those Marines is a special emblem of the few, the proud and the honorable. They honor the code, the Corps and their God.

So does the hero of Mr. Brady's novel. Colonel James "Oliver" Cromwell starts his adult life by going to college, then joining the Marine Corps. The adventure continues from basic training to the Korean War.

The story line is good and the book is a quick read. The only fault is that Mr. Brady's attention to detail is lacking. One is left wanting to know more about what happens to our hero at the end of each chapter, for there are so many loose ends. If so, the book would have been longer, but the reader would have more answered questions about the times and life of "Oliver" Cromwell.

Needless to say that Mr. Brady has done his homework well, and he dug deep into his own life experiences as a former Marine.

The Esprit de Corps of our hero, as one reads from one end of a chapter to another what took place in between in the life of "Oliver"

It would be a wonderful treat if Mr. Brady would write a sequel to bring us up to date.

All the praises from the press, publishers and even a newscaster are well deserved.

Semper Fi, Mr. Brady, you did an outstanding job.

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