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The Most Boot PFC

The Most Boot PFC

From the "wayback" files 1969. 2nd Anglico, Courthouse Bay. The memory is fading… I think that is Lt Col. Schuler (sp) presenting me with The Navy Achievment Medal with Combat V. After the photographer left and the door was closed the Lt. Col. advised me that on my way to the barber shop, I might want to stop and see the Corpsman about getting some regulation eyewear.

Why did I feel like I was the only one in the Company without jump wings? I did make 10 static line jumps at my Brothers jump school at Seneca Falls Airport in New York. But as the most boot PFC informed me "That Don't Count."

Honored to have served with that bunch.

Ken Martin
Corporal of Marines
1967 – 1970
RVN '68-'69

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