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The Most Expensive Turkey In South Carolina

Being stationed on a weapons station in Goose Creek, South Carolina we had pretty good security. But we also had a facility that had civilan workers coming and going through the main gate mostly, but at peak hours we opened a morning/evening rush gate to ease traffic. The Station was heavily wooded and just covered in some of the best looking deer, turkey, etc. to be found around the Ashley river.

The extra gate was only manned by a single Marine that was dropped off around 0545 and it was pretty secluded and quiet even though it was near a housing development.

Well, one morning our guard heard a shot go off and instead of being toward housing it came from inside the facility!  The guard sounded the alarm and a full barracks response team just decended on the post. The Captain of the guard was the one that actually caught the evidently dangerous fella before he could get back over the fence.

The poor Air Force officer was nabbed red handed w/ his turkey and shotgun! Once they were done w/  him they had taken his bird, his gun, his truck, fined him and busted him down and out…

One expensive turkey…


Semper Fi

Ron Crawford 0331


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