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The Old Corps

The Old Corps


Who (or what) is ?The Old Corps?? There is no doubt that each and every one of us who have served has heard or used the phrase ?The Old Corps? at one time or another. No matter when they served or how long they served, there is always someone referring to ?The Old Corps.? For example, WWII veterans might refer to themselves as ?The Old Corps? when talking to veterans who served after them. Vietnam War veterans, like myself, may refer to ourselves as ?Old Corps? when talking to veterans of more recent times of service. Veterans who served in any given era almost always refer to themselves as ?Old Corps? when in conversation with veterans who served in a later era. The Corps is always changing.

In my opinion, this leaves only one conclusion as to who ?The Old Corps? is: The day you graduated from recruit training, YOU became ?The Old Corps.?

Cpl Bob Mauney Once a Marine ? Always a Marine
Former Cpl Bob Mauney
2nd , 3rd, and 5th Shore Party Battalions
(Red Patchers)
USMC 1966-1968
Vietnam 1966-1967

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