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The Pucker Factor – Hearing your DI again.

Submitted by: James Collins

Sgt. Grit, I just read the news letter (JUNE 8, 2001) and I thought I would die laughing at the story of the D.I.. Well, at MCRD in 1990 going through Boot Camp platoon 3014 Our, Jr. D.I. was Sgt. Dickson, he was big and had a voice that would put the fear of GOD in you, no matter what you were doing. I had a lot of respect for him and for the other D.I.’s of our platoon.

I went on to become a 0311 and was stationed in ‘”HELL” 29 PALMS and was short on my enlistment. I had the short time attitude and had become kind of a SHIT BIRD but was still a good MARINE. I had about a week left and my Gunny told me about a gun shop that had just opened out in town, so being a natural GRUNT I had to go. So a Cpl. buddy and me asked the Gunny if we could take the rest of the day off so we could check this shop out and he said go. We were in a hurry and left the base, still in our “CAMMIES” or fatigues. We walked into the gun shop, Well every Marine knows that you can’t wear your Cammies out into town or anywhere except for work. I was looking at these guns when I herd someone say hey Marine’s why are your wearing your fatigues in here? Well, that’s when the PUCKER FACTOR kicked in, Not only did I know the voice but it was the same person that had drilled it into us that Marines don’t wear fatigues out in town. Yep you guessed it Drill Instructor Sgt. Dickson was standing behind me, I didn’t want to even turn around, I was thinking that I could run out of there and he would see who it was, or I could turn and face him hoping that he wouldn’t remember who I was. Just then Sgt. Dickson said what are your names Marine’s, I thought Oh-S#@%. I turned and said Sgt. Dickson I thought that was you, what’s up. With that look he said I’m SSgt. Dickson and you were one of my Marine’s weren’t you, I said yes Sir then he said Collins right. Well, as it turned out he gave us both a good butt chewing and explained that I knew better because he remembered teaching that to me. We talked for a couple of minutes and we left, but I can still remember his voice, and you know he still knew my name, I guess D.I.’s really do care about us old slime balls.

James Collins
LCpl. “B” 1/7
Semper Fi

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