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The rest of the story

MSGT Orlandi and Major Capers

Dear Sgt. Grit,

Last year about this time, you asked, “Who was our best officer?” I wrote about a Lt. Capers that I was with at Fort George G. Meade, MD when I was a security guard at NSA, and how the Lt. influenced my successful Marine Corps career. At the time I had no idea where know Major Capers was, and Sgt Grit forwarded several e-mails that told me his location.

Because of the Sgt. Grit news letter, I also found that the NSA Marines have a yearly reunion that I was proud to attend this September. It was a great reunion and Major Capers was there. We enjoyed a long talk and I found out that he is still leading by example. He is working with the Wounded Warriors Barracks at Camp LeJeune, NC. He is still offering guidance and mentoring our wounded Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of them may stay in the corps, but some will have to go back to civilian life. Major Capers is there offering his help, experience, and leadership in whatever path they follow. (Major Capers is the good looking Marine pictured on the left.)

I also had the opportunity to visit the new National Marine Corps Museum. It is an awesome place and anyone who has ever been a Marine should take the time to go see it, because it will bring back proud memories that were long forgotten.

Thank you, Sgt Grit for your service and for your service to Marines past and present.

Joe Orlandi
MSGT Retired

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