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The Right Thing....Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce, You Never Leave The Brotherhood

The Right Thing....Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce, You Never Leave The Brotherhood

Just a short note as an FYI. I am with a Marine Captain and his wife in Palm Coast Florida. It is a little bit of a story, but he has a heart procedure on Monday Morning in Daytona beach, then again, they just evacuated the hospital there. I drove in from Pensacola two days ago to help them out. We had been visiting a Marine Colonel Fighter pilot and his wife in Piney Flats, Tennessee.

The hurricane is heading right towards us and should be here sometime tomorrow afternoon. We have secured the house as best we could. We picked up supplies, are using the freezer to make ice, and we have booze. Our ladies are real troopers, they had the chance to leave but of course, Angela would not leave “Crunch” and Terry, as nervous as she is, would not leave me. Crunch is an interesting Marine. Google “Heroes Under Fire, Captain Crunch” from the History Channel. There are “A Few Good Men”

In the a.m. clean the tub, fill it with water, put our luggage in green garbage bags and put it on the highest things in the house as I plan on leaving Sunday to get to Orlando and fly home Monday morning…come hell or high water. I have many friends that are Marines and have had he good fortune of seeing them again on this trip. Terry and I could have left, but hey, when I grew up, I did not have a safe room when someone said stuff I didn’t like.

It is a great thing for all of us, after all these years, “I got his six”and we will all get thru this together. Their house may be gone,there possessions lost, but we will get thru this as a team…Marines….the cell is giving us alerts every half hour and the inland mile of coast has been ordered to evacuate. After the passage, the worry will be protecting property. Two Marines, guns and ammo, water and food and two good women, Chesty would love it that we, after all these years still take care of each other. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

–Gerry A. Flowers

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Sgt, J. Colbert USMC 1956 to 1966 - June 21, 2020

Return to the ORIGINAL format

bob colbert - June 21, 2020

what happened to the people that worked at place? hope they were able to find jobs? don’t like the new format either, few stories and that’s it?

Waldo Searcy - June 21, 2020

Waldo Searcy, Cpl E4, 1958-64- I agree with all Jack Wise says. Please “deep six” the new format.

james yancey - June 21, 2020

Return to old format please.

charles malnarick - June 21, 2020

i do not like this new format, as with all the other marines i say go back to the old format

Cpt. Jim Starkovich; 1957-60 - June 21, 2020

To Sgt. Grit: Thank you for the many enjoyable years of hearing about other Marines. I would look forward to Thursdays to hear the stories. Occasionally, I would order some Marine related gear. I’m requesting that the real, Sgt. Grit, write us a note telling us the real scuttlebutt about what has happened to the Sgt. Grit we all loved. Maybe you have already done it but I missed it so, could you please give it another shot. Thanks!!!

Chuck - June 21, 2020

I for one, am out. I may check in once and a while to see if this site has improved. I do like the comment part where we can connect to Marines from our era. A 100% Marine site owned by other than a Marine just does not work. Try as you might, Marines are different and only Marines understand that. Type font way too SMALL!!! Chuck

Dave Reed - June 21, 2020

Go back please. The new format just Bad

Jim Driscoll - June 21, 2020

New format is a pain in the ass. Just saying……

Gzrrnnr - June 21, 2020

i also liked the old format. The new format is just a bit too much for old Marines like me. I will wait a few months to see if I like the new owners and their way of doing things. A bit of advice – don’t mess with what works, or your clientele will drop. Negotiations are finished. An old Marine grunt from Nam.

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