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The Royal Marines – Green Beret Poetry

The Royal Marines – Green Beret Poetry

Green Beret Poetry: The Royal Marines by Rod Spinks, Former Royal Marine, 1957-1968

A word in the house, a stroke of a pen
The country disbanded a fine body of men
With fighting finesse and fitness supreme
The creme de la creme wore berets of Green.

Their training was tough, it had to be so
How to fight with a knife and kill with one blow
Salerno, Vaagso, Dieppe and St. Nazaire
With impossible odds the commandos were there.

Their raids so successful that once Hitler said
"If captured no prisoners I want these men dead"
Too late he discovered his men were not keen
To battle with these Marines who wore berets of Green.

On D-Day at Sword Beach they were there to the fore
As they jumped from the landing craft and made for the shore
Their contempt for the Nazis was very plain to see
For they wore not steel helmets but berets of Green.

When it was all over and the fighting no more
The first that was disbanded was the Green Beret Corps
Who went back to their Shires, their Towns and their Glens
A real fine body of gentle self-disciplined men.

As the years roll on by they still meet it is said
To talk, toast the Queen and remember their dead
Whose memorial stands at the foot of the Ben
Where they fought for the right to be Green Beret men.

For our freedom of movement our freedom of speech
To those who come after, this gospel I preach
A word in the house a stroke of the pen these cannot wipe out
The debt to those brave Green Beret men.


Royal Marine Berets of Green by Rod Spinks, Former Royal Marine

All is not lost, those Berets of Green
Are worn to this day by each Royal Marine
The tradition is carried with a great deal of pride
And told in the barracks are the stories worldwide.

There are tales of the jungle
Fighting the Communists Red
Of Radfan and Dhala
Where the sun sears your head.

Of Cyprus and Suez, Hong Kong and Korea
The Palestine blockade of wars far and near
From the tropics to the Artic the Green Berets are found
Ensuring the flank of Norway is sound.

Commachio Coy defends the oil rigs
In Northern Ireland the Green Berets do their gigs
The Falklands conflict we will never forget
The blood that was shed on Mount Harriet.

Green Berets alongside with those wearing Red
Proved to the Argies the Lion is not dead
All over Iraq the Green berets fight for the cause
For the Iraqi people, peace and no more wars.

The legend lives on and will grow and grow
And Britain's adversaries the Green Berets will fear
As history proves that the Green Beret men
In the heat of the battle
Can never say "when".


Green Beret Poetry and More

Military brotherhood thrives within this country and beyond. These Royal Marine poems reflect the loyalty, pride and the determination that all Special Forces have and will continue to have decades - even centuries - in the future. "Per Mare, Per Terram," which means "By Land, By Sea," describes the dual role of Royal Marine commandos and their elite force, the Green Berets. Like U.S. Special Forces, these Royal Navy sea soldiers are an "elite amphibious fighting force" that operates both on land and at sea. Learn more about these Marine Special Forces on the SGT GRIT website and online on the Royal Navy UK's website.

SGT GRIT is not only your source for Marine Corps merchandise, we also have dozens of stories, poems and jokes about Marines around the world, including the Royal Marines UK. Our SGT GRIT Community is alive and well, so if you have news, stories or other Marine-related information to share, visit this page. We'll review your submission to post at a later date.

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