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The Sleep Thief

He came again last night. He came creeping into his thought's. He hasn't came as often as he used to but he still makes his presents known. In the middle of the night for no apparent reason he is there.  The thief steals his sleep but leaves memories. Memories so vivid that it seems like yesterday not 46 years ago. Memories of a youth in a far away land. Of friends some living and some gone far to soon. It's funny that the names of some of the living escape him. But not the dead. Never the dead.


The thief brings survivors guilt. Why them and not him? What was the plan in the grand scheme of things that made him survive? He could never talk about it except to others that had shared the experience. Even then he could not let his full feelings out.

So for another night the sleep thief has done what he set out to do. Rob his sleep but jog his memory of days gone by. Maybe just maybe the thief has got enough from his last visit. 

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