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The Sniper

In the darkness, I will wait

My heart has become hollow

My mind, a flurry of disaster

In the solitude, I will reign

Creatures which use the night

Become one with the shadows

At midnight will come a scream

That of release, and not of vengeance

Slowly, I loosen my grip on my friend

Cold steel blue, is her eyes and face

I draw her close to my shoulder

When she barks, she cries in pain

Never to feel the recoil of her anger

The moment presses on ever so close

Cold steel and hot lead become one

My position is revealed for a fraction

I feel the eye of the night slowly close

All has remained back to normal

The coolness of the black has returned

My eyes can see without any assistance

As the blood soaks into the ground

We have found One shot, One kill.

Why do we sit in the darkness and wait?

When a cold steel blade is more efficient

When we wait for the kill and Predator.

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Bill 0331 - March 29, 2020

Hey Michael. I was at the “Crows Nest ” When were you there ? Can remember a few guys , Cpl Racette,Disdier, PFC Rader and “The Staff” S/Sgt Aasen A Korean Vet. I was gunner with E-2/1 Transfer to H&S and then Crows Nest. Assisted FO’s with 81 mortars that were based at the base of mountain. Bill 0331

Reinhold Woykowski - March 29, 2020

This was most likely made up for a movie but who really knows. USMC 1972-1974

Bob Koceja - March 29, 2020

I agree Jim. I was not a Sniper in Nam ’70. This is not what killing feels like. Sounds like a poet without rhythm.

Joseph Passarelli - March 29, 2020

God Bless You Some Of Us Deal With The Horrible Fog Of War Our Own Way! Semper Fi

Joseph Passarelli - March 29, 2020

Semper I’m a Marine Sniper 1966 Viet Nam

Mike Morgan - March 29, 2020

I was in the nam in 69. I was at marble mountain ( crow’s nest ).
In 71 I returned assigned to the 3rd. battalion force recon. I tell you this to let you know we probably walked and ate some othe same dirt.

Stephan J Robertson - March 29, 2020

It is hard to say, based on reading the responses if this person was a Marine Sniper or not, but I will certainly give him the Benefit of the doubt. My family have been Marines since 1900, have proof. Yet my oldest son, whom I worked with like my father did me, training me to fire weapons. My son caught me by surprise. He joined the “Corps”. Damn, I was called twice to go to “PI” because of him. Well, in a “nut-shell” his first day on the firing range he told his DI he was ready to qualify. Of course the DI was in his face then the “SDI” came over. Well, they issued him 250 rounds. He said I will fire 3 rounds to feel the weapon. He missed the target. The “DI’s” were chewing his @ss. Then he fired 247 rounds. Hit the Bull’s Eye 238 times. Of course the “DI’s” started on his @ss again asking where did you learn to shoot like that. He said my Daddy taught me. You in the #uck is your Daddy Recruit. My Daddy knew “Chesty”. Well they thought he was lying and threw him in the pit, not once but twice. The SgtMajor of “PI” called me and asked for me to visit. It was great and the rest is a very long story.
My son was selected after about three years in the “Corps’ for a new “Special OP’s Group” in the Navy. All Marines about 50. Son spent 1 &1/2 years in training at LeJuene on Weapons, Quantico in Sniper School and Navy Seals in Little Creek, VA.
He constantly was moved between Iraq, Afganistan and other highly classfied missions. But he couldn’t tell me or his Mother anything, even to this day, but the Marines at “Puller Hall” in Yorktown, VA, where I took him the first time to learn from their Snipers, well they kept me informed. To this day and I am nearly 70, I do not tell the wife of my/our Sons deadly work.
After 10 years, he had to get out and is on disability with the VA. Why??? He killed many. At Quantico I was show where at 1500 yds, he took a US Penny, a Dime and a Quarter out perfectly. He was dead accurate at 2000 yds. But he told me, Pop I have been with some Snipers who were dead-accurate at 2500 yds.
Sorry for the long talk. But Marines experience many different things in their service though the years and other Marines do not experience what they experienced. So it is easy to say, the comments are “BS”. I do teach still USMC History, but am fading fast, but I teach what many in the “Corps” forget or never knew, especially about” Chesty”.
God Bless you each and your Beloved “Corps”. America wouldn’t be what it is today if you and your fellow Marines hadn’t served.
Steve Robertson

‘Stoney’ Brook - March 29, 2020

Thanks for stating this so well. I was thinking it came from some one with waaay too much time and no field experience.

Kapena - March 29, 2020

Video gamer.

Charles Robertson - March 29, 2020

You do the task to which you were assigned. I was never aware of any poetry associated with the the task. But my war was almost 70 years ago.

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