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The Speech

The Speech

Good day and “As you were Gentlemen and ladies”…

I just finished reading the newest Sgt Grit news, and as always, I am impressed by the letters sent into the news. As I read through them, I find myself running the the gauntlet of feelings, and rememberances….as well as feel the pride in my beloved Corps swelling once more inside me. I must commend all the mothers and fathers out there that have a beloved son or daughter serving in my Marine Corps. Parents, I salute you, and tell you “Thank you” for raising such a fine and moral child….one that is standing tall and ready to give his or her all for their country, with no questions asked. This is the sense of duty I can only wish the populace of the entire country felt.

As I read through the letters and short stories that are presented here, I find one thing very much in evidence here, a trememndous sense of honor, duty and pride that is engrained in the “Hearts and Souls” of all the active, retired and former Marines worldwide. This depth of honor and pride is forged at one time in that young Marines life….Boot Camp. Whether it be MCRD San Diego (Hollywood Marines), or MCRD Paris Island.

The principles and training are the same…the intensity is the same…the goal and results the same. Turn a young and innocent, or maybe not so innocent young man or woman into one of the greatest and proudest individuals in the world, a United States Marine! As my Platoon Commander, GSgt Casto told my platoon as we played “Air-raid-Flood” in our qaunset huts at MCRD SD in a time and land so, so long ago, and I qoute, “My job is to save your life…and if I have to half kill you to do it, I WILL! My job is to pump out your brains and pump the Marine Eagle Globe and Anchor in!” And by God, he did…as so many other DI’s have done and continue to do in the proud tradition of the Corps to this day. “Thank you GSgt Casto”.

And thank you to all the former and current DI’s….don’t ever change what you do to keep our precious sons and daughters alive and strong while they are spread out around the globe defending not only our rights and freedoms, but the rights of others too weak to defend themselves against the long reaching arm of terrorism and oppression in thier quest for freedom. Ladies and Gentlemen, again I say thank you for your service, thank you for the service of your sons and daughters, and to those parents that have a son or daughter that has paid the ulltimate sacrafice to defend ours and the rights of others, I say; May God forever Bless you and yours, and thank you from the depths of my heart and that of your country” At ease people!

LtCol D. A. Anderson

P.S. Attached is a picture of yours truely giving a speech to my sons graduating Avionics (Weapons) class at Shepard AFB in 2005…he is in the Air Force, howver he is all Marine in his heart and admits the Air Force has one most laid back boot camps and lifestyles in the Military… Thank God for the Marines!

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