The Stuff Smelled

It has been forty years since I was at DaNang MAG-11, VMAAW-242. The day I will always remember is the day a ton of sh!t flowed thru the compound. Some rocket scientist decided to empty three years worth of sh!t from the latrine. A detail was selected to efficiently get the job done. Arrangements were made to load the stuff on a truck and dump it in the dump. When the container containing the excrement was lifted up to the truck, it tipped over; and like lava from a volcano, the sh!t poured into the compound. I was about 50 feet from the area. I saw it swiftly flowing toward me. I jumped on top of a bunker just in time to avoid getting slimed. The stuff claimed casualties when a couple of jarheads on the detail got a ton of sh!t dumped on them when it fell off the truck. They earned their reputation that day of being real sh!t-heads. Ha Ha..The stuff smelled up the compound and the smell traveled about a mile down wind. Senior officers came to find out what happened. I don’t know if a report was filed, but I know they were p!ssed. I had to wear my gas mask for a week the smell was so putrid. NO SH!T!! If anyone from MAG-11 recalls this incident, please reply to SgtGrit with your comments. Thank You and I love you all, No Sh!t.
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