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The Sweetest Voice of Any

The Sweetest Voice of Any

Sgt. Grit,

I was at MCRD in San Diego from June 1958-Sept. 1958. My DI’s were SSgt Curly, Sgt Rakes and Sgt Matte. Sgt Rakes had the sweetest voice of any one man that I have ever heard when it came to marching. He picked the whole platoon up in spirit when he was at the helm. I would like to thank these gentleman [although I the time I didn’t think they were] for taking an Idaho farm boy and making a man out of him. They made me grow up. I had an older brother retire from the Corps and another brother which wished he had. I was the third in a line of Marines from the family. Again I would like to thank SSgt. Curly, Sgt. Rakes, and Sgt Matte from Platoon 348 for teaching me to be a MARINE.


Howard Tennant

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Dave Wickens - April 29, 2020

I was there at the same time platoon 340, we set a new range record, that last for many years. Most of the guy’s in the platoon came from Little Rock, Ar. and were give a choice by a judge after the riots at Central High. Join the Marine Corps or go to jail. Just about all of the 70 recruits, came from the south. We had three of the biggest and toughest DIs that all so were southern boys. They turn us all into Marines with no problems and setting many records at M.C.R.D. and camp Roberts.

alexander f sinanian - April 29, 2020

I was there at the same time only in platoon 260. Cant say enough about the experience. SF

Robert H Bliss - April 29, 2020

I agree with you. I was “just” 17 when I enlisted into the Marines. The Drill Instructors did more to make me the man I am today then anyone in my life. I can’t say I appreciated the beatings but Boot Camp was different in the 60’s and we needed to be made ready for something different in VietNam. When I volunteered for VN in 1969, I was confident that I was ready to do my best and still carry that same attitude in everyday life.

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