The USMC Tradition Continues

The USMC Tradition Continues

Lieutenant Col. Jason L. Nickerl, Deputy Director of Recruiting, Western Recruiting Region, was honored at his retirement ceremony at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, May 20. His retirement was bittersweet because as he leaves the Corps, he watched his son graduate recruit training and fill his footsteps.

Periodically, a few of us “old Marines” from the Los Angeles area will drive down to MCRD, San Diego to witness a Friday graduation. We have been doing this 2 or 3 times a year for a while. Our main goal has been to witness our graduating Marines and watch the last time their Drill Instructors dismiss their platoons… their families will rush to hug, kiss and greet their young Marine. We try and find the Marines whose families could not make the trip out to be part of the graduation ceremonies and will go out and congratulate them… we try and make their day just as special. A few weeks ago, on our journey, we were part of a very special day for the family of Lt. Col Nickeri… This gave me goosebumps!

Howard Hada
Sea Going

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  • Rusty Hubbarth 1973-1977

    This story proves once again that Darwin didn’t Lie! Semper Fi, Father and son.

  • S/Sgt C.G Hughes -1966-1974

    Congratulation the torch has been pass on to the next generation of Devil Dogs “OooRah!!!!”

  • Cpl Arthur Cruz, Platoon 2127, 1969 MCRD

    Congratulations to your son on his graduation & loud “OooRah!!!” And on your retirement, Lt Col Nickeri , I am sure you will be missed by your Marines at MCRD.

  • Sgt Roger P Barton 1953-1957

    Congratulations to Lt Colonel and PFC Nickeri Semper Fi


    PFC NICKERL, Welcome to our fraternity. It wasn’t an easy “pledge”. 13 weeks of boot camp,4-6 weeks ITR,”The Crucible”, and the will a determination to never give up. When you felt like you couldn’t take another step, you dug down and kept going. All us Marines know the drill. We’ve all been there. Congratulations to you Col Nickerl to what I am sure was an adventurous and rewarding career, and good luck to you (not that you will need luck) on your future ventures.

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