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The Voyage

The Voyage

About the the second day out on the USS Clymer I began feeling more than a little seasick and fed the fish until there was nothing left. I thought that would be the end of it, if there was nothing down there to throw up, you wouldn't have to hang over the rail anymore, WRONG! A couple more days of dry heaves and I seriously thought about letting go of the rail and just get it over with. Some wise old salt told me if you keep your belly full so the juice doesn't slosh around, you won't get sick. I made a record fast trip to ship stores and bought 2 huge boxes of soda crackers and ate till I thought I would pop. MAGIC, I started feeling a lot better right away and actually enjoyed the last couple days of the trip.

I felt lucky to be on the Clymer as the times we were in rough water I could see the bottoms of the LST's or LSD's, whatever they were, and was very glad not to be aboard one of those.

Bud Davis
L/Cpl 6412
VMA 212 '60-'63

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