The wave

The wave

By: sidney crews

I can’t remember if this took place in late 67 or early 68 . I was walking point on a road sweep headed towards Liberty Bridge .We had just left 4 corners from Hill 37 I was with H&S Co 3/7 Ammo tech. We were about half way to the Bridge. As I remember to the south of the road the tree line was about a hundred meters. On the left side the tree line seemed to be about 400 to 500 meters. The terrain was all flat ,old rice paddies. Sweeps can go pretty slow because the Engineers were always finding something. We had stopped and as I was standing there I noticed to to the north (left side of road ) all theses animals were coming out of the tree line .My first reaction was. Hey! something is causing this that shouldn’t be. Then I saw something I’ll never forget. Of course, I couldn’t tell right off . This took place within a minute. A line of water about 2 to 3 ft high came out of the tree line doing about 5 knots give or take a few and seemed to take up the whole horizon . The road we were on was about 20 meters high. Within a minute the wave had hit the road with such force it splashed up on me. In the mean time it’s like a chinese fire drill trying to get back to the hill. Within an hour the the whole hill is surrounded by water. The old bridge at the village of Dai Loc, the river ran at least 30 meters under the the span . After this happen the river was just a few meters under the bridge. For three days we couldn’t get off the hill until the water subsided. Nobody had ever seen or heard of this happening. Years later I was looking at an old Leatherneck magazine and there was an article about what took place. This phenomena takes place about ever 4 to 5 years .The waters from the snow , rain accumulate in the mountains then all of a sudden runs down into the valley. It was a sight to see .Did anybody else remember this. Semper Fi my friends. Sid Crews 3/7 November 66 thru July 68

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • Wayne Chapman

    I was with C Company 1st Combat Eng. Bn. on hill 37 in 67, I can remember it raining all night very hard. When we stared sweeping the road to hill 55 we were walking on bare road, then we started to walk in water. We dicided to head back to hill 37 anb the time we got back we were walking in water up to our chest. Thats how fast the water rose. We also had get a ride in a boat to get through the Village.

  • Michael Martyna, Jr.

    In Apr 67 I was assigned with 1st Anti-Tank Bn but was reassigned in Dec 67 when they decided to disband 1st AT’s; so 3/7 HQ Comm was my new assignment at the Fort, till my tour was over in April 68. I was a 2531 MOS. I remember I volunteered to be point man (two of us) with the morning sweep the morning of Tet beginning. I believe it was that morning (could have been another) we were ambushed, as well as the sweep coming from 55. I remember we had a tank with us, but it was not allowed to fire its large gun but only the 50 and 30. We (the point) were a little too far ahead of our patrol, they were in sight, but we could see the other ambush going on with the other 55 group too. So we had an option of firing at both ambushes from the flank, but really the ambusher’s were really far away and I don’t think we were too effective. But at least no one was hurt in either group.

  • Larry Major

    In 1968 I was with 1st Recon Bn. working a liaison with the 7th Marines when the typhoons made hill55 an island. The morning of the second day at sun rise I stepped out of our hootch to do my morning duties and the NVA had planted their flags all around our little island. This was a warm up for Tet and a little psychological warfare. Also recall the night we got hit and the ammo bunkers and aiviation fuel blatters on hill 37 took direct hits. We started calling it minus37, what fire works, it looked and felt as if the world was going up. SemperFi my friends.

  • Vaughn Seruby

    I was on Hill 37 starting in March of 68. Somewhere about August a typhoon hit. In the morning we’re the only dry land around. Some officer decided we should still sweep Liberty Road between 37 and 55. We were provided with a Otter which is a small amphibious vechicle. We road on the top of it down the hill. When we got to the bottom the water was about 4 feet deep. No way could we look for mines, couldn’t even be sure where the road was. We wallowed around about a hour and went back to the hill. Next day water was almost all gone.

  • Rey Sanchez

    Hey George… what CO. were you with in 3/5 in 69?? I was w/ Lima3/5 in 69-70 in An Hoa, also !! I was with the 60mm Mortars !!

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