Then Tell Me What You Have To Say

Somehow I got the feeling
That when I returned to the World
I should be ashamed.
I didn’t know why
But finally realized that I was being
blamed for the death and dying in
Viet Nam.
In war there is death.
How anyone who has not been in war
Knows what war is really doesn’t know.
If you think you know, you ought to go
And confirm that knowledge and insight.
Engage in a firefight.
Have someone shoot at you,
Be next to a man who is blown away.
Then, come back and tell me what you’ve learned.
Then tell me what you have to say.
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  • John Bright

    Been there done that. Purple Heart, Khe Sanh survivor.

  • Kevin M. Keener

    77-81/0311; 82-86 ATC…..didn’t go to Nam because The Marines don’t accept HS students, but I’m not a fool either, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the little round things zinging past your head will ruin your day as will the big KA-BOOMS……best to make sure those sending them to ruin your day are put out of commision ASAP……

  • Dale B. Mills Sgt. Chu Lai 1966

    AMEN ! And well said Brother.

  • Ron Lee

    Amen, and Semper Fi!

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