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They Are Brothers

They Are Brothers

Let me start this story by saying, I know each of these warriors well. I consider both to be great friends. Pictured is Cpl Greg Coats and SSgt Codi Tanksley. I could write a book on these two Marines, but I will keep my observation short this time. Both of these Marines were in the store at the same time this past week. These Marines both served during the Iraq War and served heroically at that. I made sure that these two met when they were in. I felt the need to bring these brothers together.

Greg was doing some pictures for our catalog and he had come over to find a lighter to get some of the IPs off the shirt. That was when I introduced them. What I witnessed then was just short of tears for me. Immediately proceeding the handshake and introduction, one Marine was helping the other Marine burn IPs off his clothing as if they had been best friends forever. I knew at that moment I should get a pic, but of course, the moment passed. They spent the next hour laughing and reminiscing of their service and I looked on with immense joy.

This is what Marines are all about. They are brothers. 'Nuff Said.

Semper Fidelis
Kristy Fomin
C.O.O. Sgt Grit Call Center
(Marine Wife)

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