They Were Hypnotized

When I served in the Corps I was a teenager when I enlisted in 1958. At that time a lot of the senior NCOS were veterans of the pacific. These men were all heroes to us and when they had their dress uniforms on the ribbons on there chest would take your breath away. Sometimes in the evening the kids like me would ask them to tell us what the battles were like . They would tell us story after story and we would set there with out eyes as big as silver dollars. I remember looking around at my buddies a time or two and they looked like they were hypnotized. When I was older and had a family of my own I was reading a story to my kids one Christmas eve and I looked up at them and they had the same look on their faces. That brought it all back to me. God bless the Marine Corps and everything it stands for.

Semper Fi.

Mike Mckinney, grunt 1958 to 1961

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • Bob Arends

    Was in from ’56 to ’60, MCRD San Diego Plt. 266. Served with several senior NCO’s and officers who were WWll and Korean vets. not only great stories but we all benefited from their experiences. Great times.

  • bland

    It is good to hear from Marines from my era, 1958 plt. 1008. I am a Hollywood marine MCRD San Diego. Joined Oct. 58, 58 to Jan. 64 Pres. Kennedy extended us for a year, with 2 years of inactive reserve. You are so right my DI,s were ww2 vets also. I was a ground pounder Echo Co. 2Ed Bat. 1st Marines 3ed marine Div. When we returned from overseas I ex tended for another duty station went to a top secret base. for 15 months then discharged. Would love to hear from any one that I served with. L/ Cpl Bland Benny B.

  • Susie D. Shy

    Amen! And thanks to you all from a proud Marine Mom.

  • John Durant

    August 1954 Platoon 386 @PI Our Top sargeant had the personality but not the High-jinx and humor of of Walter Beery. I think that he was in “Tell it to the Marines!”

  • Scott Powell

    USMC 1958 to 1962, four years active duty as a Radio Telegraph Operator/Special Radio operator (MOS 2533/2571). Enlisted at the age of 17 right out of high school. Turned 18 after boot camp and was at ITR, Camp Pendleton. First Christmas was in San Diego while at the radio school, which was across the grinder from the Quonset hut boot camp area. Our barracks was on the 2nd floor above the arched walkways and off to the left of the parade ground flag pole.

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