This day in History 15 Apr 1962:

This day in History 15 Apr 1962:

HMM-362 becomes first Marine Unit in Mekong Delta during Operation Shufly.

The Ugly Angels hold the proud distinction of having served as the first Marine aircraft unit in the Republic of Vietnam, going ashore on 15 April 1962 as Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron Light HMR (L) 362 with their Sikorsky UH-34s, arriving at Sóc Trăng in the Mekong Delta south of Saigon.[1] under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Archie Clapp. The task unit was called “Shufly” and its first operational employment involved lifting Vietnamese troops into battle on April 22.

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  • Dingus HMH 462

    Kapena HMH463

    HMHT 301 Santa Ana-LTA–HMH 462 Futema-FMF-PAC

  • Don Colby, Capt , USMCR Retired

    Was Col Hoyle Barr’s Adjutant in 61. until He was assigned skipper of 362 prep it for Vietnam. He was a great Skipper. Kept in contact after we both later retired to North Texas. I was released from active duty in Aug 61 so I missed out on transfer.

  • Charles E Burin

    The Ugly Angels also had a detachment of 3 OE-1’s from VMO-2 when the went into Soc Trang.

  • the deuce

    Well said.

  • Ernest Herrera HMM 363 1967,HMM 362 1969 HMH 361 1969 HML 167 1970

    Proud to be an Ugly. 1969 Phu Bai.

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