This day in History 15 Apr 1962:

This day in History 15 Apr 1962:

HMM-362 becomes first Marine Unit in Mekong Delta during Operation Shufly.

The Ugly Angels hold the proud distinction of having served as the first Marine aircraft unit in the Republic of Vietnam, going ashore on 15 April 1962 as Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron Light HMR (L) 362 with their Sikorsky UH-34s, arriving at Sóc Trăng in the Mekong Delta south of Saigon.[1] under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Archie Clapp. The task unit was called “Shufly” and its first operational employment involved lifting Vietnamese troops into battle on April 22.

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  • R.Frech

    do I remember, we relieved 362 at Soc Trang (HMM 163)
    later moved up to Danang
    my A/C was YP80, the good old times. the Food was good, remembering coming back late from a mission.
    mess hall was closed, the MSgt. in charge simply asked “you hungry Marine”
    told him yes, very hungry- largest Steak I ever had.
    simply the best
    semper fi

  • Kapena HMH463. Mag 24,1st Mar. Brigade FMF

    Dingus HMH-462 Heavy Haulers! New River? Yeah swing with the wing! Helecopters “theoretically” are able to auto rotate under ideal conditions, (i.e. minimum elevation internal/external load, weight,clear LZ pilot skills,etc.) Everythings stacked against our pilots and air crew. God bless the men and women of Natops- Nav/Air! You call-We haul!

  • Dutch

    And the Ugly Angels returned in Aug 1965 with Mag-36. First to Ky Ha and then to Phu Bai. Been inside as window gunner during practice auto-rotation but happy never to have done it when it counted.

  • RMD(Dingus)

    Copy That–BUT THEY ARE SUPPOSE to Auto-Rotate!! NEVER Saw one do it to well tho–HMH 462-Heavy Haulers-Semper Fi

  • Kapena HMH463

    Flying in a helecopter is inherently dangerous. There is absolutely no aerodynamics. It is literally trying to fall out of the sky. Add combat troops terrible weather unfamiliar terrain no armour protection incoming rounds going right through your plane from an enemy that you can’t see. Everything’s trying to kill you. There’s no easy hop. Every flight may be your last. As “ugly”and ungainly they may appear I imagine the sikorsky UH-34 and crew to look like “angels” from heaven when you’re in desperate need of extraction! God bless HMM362 “Ugly Angels “and their flight crews for their sacrifice and their service. Semper Fidelis and OOORAH!

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