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This is Juan A. Bee

This is Juan A. Bee

He goes on the road for booths and exhibits. He's a real ladies man. (Fifty Shades of Gray, Bert and Ernie version, in the right pocket.) That rifle has an authentic Star Wars laser sight. We do guns shows, so all weapon chambers are empty, nytied for safety. Bayonet is strapped to the left leg. His DD214 shows Medal of Honor (authentic, real case.) It's backed by not one, but TWO police badges. He does carry a few extras in the helmet bag… "Purple Heart" cap and another, "USN, Black Shoe soldier." Some peanut butter MRE's and a Sheriff's badge too. His 12 USMC sleeve chevrons will go on before his next trip. Air Force Mini Medals topped by a Trident opposite that gorgeous ribbon rack.

My thanks to good friend Britt Taylor Collins,, the crew at SGT GRIT,, and Barb Riggle for contributions to his spring wardrobe. A big thank you to Scott Pritchett for the original concept… now our FWP logo.

Must say – last booth set-up in Jacksonville, AR a few weeks ago – a wife looked at her (alleged Vietnam Veteran) husband (she and I had been talking, he walked up) and asked him, "What's wrong with him?"

He said, "I don't see anything wrong."

Draw your own conclusions.

Mary Schantag, Chairman

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