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This is Juan A. Bee

This is Juan A. Bee

He goes on the road for booths and exhibits. He’s a real ladies man. (Fifty Shades of Gray, Bert and Ernie version, in the right pocket.) That rifle has an authentic Star Wars laser sight. We do guns shows, so all weapon chambers are empty, nytied for safety. Bayonet is strapped to the left leg. His DD214 shows Medal of Honor (authentic, real case.) It’s backed by not one, but TWO police badges. He does carry a few extras in the helmet bag… “Purple Heart” cap and another, “USN, Black Shoe soldier.” Some peanut butter MRE’s and a Sheriff’s badge too. His 12 USMC sleeve chevrons will go on before his next trip. Air Force Mini Medals topped by a Trident opposite that gorgeous ribbon rack.

My thanks to good friend Britt Taylor Collins,, the crew at SGT GRIT,, and Barb Riggle for contributions to his spring wardrobe. A big thank you to Scott Pritchett for the original concept… now our FWP logo.

Must say – last booth set-up in Jacksonville, AR a few weeks ago – a wife looked at her (alleged Vietnam Veteran) husband (she and I had been talking, he walked up) and asked him, “What’s wrong with him?”

He said, “I don’t see anything wrong.”

Draw your own conclusions.

Mary Schantag, Chairman

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Mattcpe - May 6, 2020

This is a joke. Just look at the name; Juan a Bee means “wanna be” get it? He is slamming posers. He is disrespecting the clowns that disrespect the real military veterans.

Mattcpe - May 6, 2020

It is a slam on posers. Look at this name: Juan a bee = wanna be.



Michael Martyna - May 6, 2020

I was called a Juan a Bee by an elderly gentleman. I was walking into a store and we met at the entrance and I had a USMC hat on and had both 1st and 2nd Marine division pins on, one on each side. He asked me which one, and I said both. He said “wanna a bee” and turned and walked out the door. I was actually hurt by the statement. I’m proud to claim I was in Asia, Europe, Caribbean, and CONUS during my short 4 year tour. Thus 1st and 2nd Division. Even while in Nam I had 2 permanent duty stations and 1 TDY. Asia 1ST Anti-Tanks was started to be disbanded after being with them 7 mos and I was one of the first to be transferred to 3rd BN 7th Marines. I was a radio operator. I was sent to 2nd ANGLICO and earned Army and MC jump wings when returned to CONUS. I was on a NATO cruise, 4 months in Cuba (as well as other times in the Carib.) I was a body sent to Marine Hq at Henderson Hall and also worked in the Pentagon for schooling for Embassy Duty. I know that that was an honor but I asked to be relieved because I wanted to get married and the duty required single Marines. Will be 50 yrs in another couple of month of marriage. i presently have a VA card as well as a Military ID card to get onto bases because I am 100% disabled because of Agent Orange. I am proud of my service and I see a need for Juan A Bee; even though maybe most of the population doesn’t get it. Fact is, even here you see it exposes raw feelings from military personal when you see one, even a dummy. That to me is the very reason to keep it. Trying to hide feelings is not the way to handle them or even a Juan A Bee.

Harry - May 6, 2020

Got it LOL! Knee jerk reaction on my part. Harry

Harry - May 6, 2020

One of the worst experience i ever had with a “wan-a-be” was a so called “town hero” A WW2 vet that claimed to have been with 82nd Airborne and jumped behind enemy lines on D-Day. Claimed all kind of awards including multiple awards of the Purple Heart.I grew up respecting this guy,just like everyone else in town.He got away with this lie for nearly 50 years until he was outed by his own brother in 1995 during a homecoming of sorts at the local American legion Told everyone his brother was full of it!! He said “That was all a lie ” The closest he ever got to going overseas was an Army camp in New Jersey.He never showed his face around town after that.He died in 2008. The Legion Honor Guard refused to go to the funeral Harry

Kenneth Broz USMC Retired - May 6, 2020

The stolen Valor law does allow people to wear medals etc as a right within the first amendment however it makes It a legal offense from making a profit with false military/valor claims. So if you see someone obviously wearing medals or a rcognizable part is a uniform you have the option of telling him how neat they look and ask if they will except a dollar contribution for a photo. Then take a photo of you handing him and him excepting a dollar then you can prosecute.

Sgt Robert L Sisson - May 6, 2020

Now I understand it. You are right Craig. Took me a minute or 2 to get it.

Paul Burton - May 6, 2020

Unfortunately the U.S. Supreme Court says such valor stealers are protected by the First Amendment free speech right to wear any freakin’ medal they want anytime they want. That is the law. As for brains, the law does not protect the criminally stupid. This guy belongs in a mental institution with a locked door and an armed guard.

RamTwo - May 6, 2020

A complete fake or so called “wanta bee”. Don’t know what service he was in but he sure didn’t learn not to disrespect serve uniforms, There are so many out there that “talk the talk but never walked the walk”, you find them in many service organizations. Just a Dishonor to those that gave there lives. Sorry if I offend anyone but a true combat veteran holds his memories in his mind and heat. Semper Fi Ret MSgt. USMC

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