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This Life

This Life
Cpl Figueroa 10/2005

This is the life that he has chosen.
Do I choose to be a part of it?
I must. It is my duty as his mother
To always send my love and care
No matter where he is needed.

Overseas, in the deserts, over the fifty states,
No matter where, he needs to be, I will be as well.
His life is mine and that will never cease.
That will never change.

If I want nothing to do with this path he has chosen
Then I chose not to have a part in my son’s life
And God forbid I lose my son,
And I was not there for him, in this life,
Than I was no mother to him.

His life is my life. And that will never change.
I will always be his mother.
He will always be my son.

Always faithful, Semper Fi

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