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Thought You Guys Would Appreciate These

Thought You Guys Would Appreciate These

Top Black from one of “our” MiTT units came to town for a quick visit to meet and thank some of his supporters so, we took him to lunch and I wanted to do something a little bit special for him … I know I have heard on more than one occasion that, sometimes Marines feel as though they are not really supported here at home and I know many of you received an, um, less than friendly “welcome home” . So, I took some pictures that I hope will help a little in that department.

These are some of the businesses that marked the route Top took to get to the restaurant that we had his lunch at … only 3 of the businesses I contacted declined to participate and I sicked the news on them to let them explain WHY they chose not to thank a 25 year Marine who did 2 combat tours .. LOL .. plus about 500 of our local supporters have joined together to boycott them and send them nasty letters … LOL, I don’t think they will mess with me again any time soon .

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

Semper Fi

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